Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do you know that there is a prayer room at Hong Kong airport?

While working on my assignment at Hong Kong airport, I asked my friend, Andrew, who is AirAsia manager for Hong Kong station, if he happen to know any place where we can perform our prayer. I was kind of surprised when he told us that there is a prayer room at terminal 1 of the airport.

He was so kind to take us to the prayer room. The prayer room is for the use of any religion similar to the prayer room at Manchester Airport. It is located at terminal 1, not far from the last check in counter A. If you can find check in counter A, walk to the end of the counter and you will see the signboard for the prayer room.

You can find sejadah and compass in the room. There is even a facility to take wuduk in the prayer room.

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